Aqua Veggies: SUPER sea food for your cat or dog

As your New Brunswick pet nutrition specialists, Global Pet Foods NB is especially proud to promote healthy pet products that are New Brunswick-made. And what could be more New Brunswick than 100% natural, wild-crafted sea vegetables that have been harvested from the Bay of Fundy?

Considered some of the most nutritious foods in the world, Superfood from the Sea is a blend of seven different kinds of dulse, nori sea lettuce, wakame, kombu, and kelps, which provide much-needed natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements in your dog or cat’s diet. Pam Young, one of the owners of Aqua Veggies, introduced Superfood from the Sea at each of our stores in Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton, and Dieppe recently, and we are inspired by what this company is all about.

GPFNB: How did Aqua Veggies come to be?

Pam: My partner, Jason Temple and I have actually been producing human-grade Superfood from the Sea for over 15 years. We harvest and supply them to botanical and vitamin manufacturers. Our inspiration for the pet formula, which is the exact same human-grade product but in a formulation especially for dogs and cats, came from our own two dogs Bogart and Zoe. We had lost a dog previously to cancer and our dogs are our babies, so we decided to do everything we could to make Zoe and Bogart’s lives as healthy and happy as possible by feeding them a really great diet. Since we knew about the healing power of sea veggies, we created a formulation for our dogs.

Bogart, who is eight and-a-half, is our Great Dane and he had digestive issues and dandruff. We tried him on Superfood from the Sea, and it cleared up. To make sure it wasn’t a fluke, we stopped feeding them to him and sure enough, his issues came back within a week. Both dogs are going strong. Zoe, who is almost nine, has slimmed down, and has way more energy.

GPFNB: What are the benefits of feeding Superfood from the Sea

aquaveggies-demoPam: Sea vegetables are considered to be one of the most nutritious foods in the world. They containing 72 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients. So, what our Acadian forefathers knew centuries ago, is now being recognized.

There are a host of benefits to including Superfood from the Sea in a dog or cat’s diet. Things like:

  • improved skin allergies and dandruff
  • healthier skin and luxurious coat
  • increased energy levels
  • helping with digestion
  • boosted immunity
  • improved thyroid function for weight control
  • alkaline Ph
  • anti-cancer compounds
  • urinary tract infection protection (which is great for cats), and
  • heart protection.

There is so much goodness in vegetables from the sea. They are 80 times more potent than any land vegetable and they have a prebiotic effect, which prepares the digestive tract to receive nutrients and encouraging digestive enzymes. Plus, it adds fiber to your dog and cat’s diet.

GPFNB: Where does Superfood from the Sea come from?

Pam: Everything in the product is natural, and from New Brunswick. Using sustainable harvesting practices to preserve the ecosystem, we hand-harvest the blend of 7 different sea veggies off Grand Manan Island; then they are sun-dried, crushed and and blended into a formula for dogs and cats. Both cats and dogs love the taste!

GPFNB: How do we feed Superfood from the Sea to our pets?

Pam: We’ve done the work for you and made it easy by packaging them in individual pre-measured portions with just the right amount of sea veggies for your pet each day. They’re super-convenient for travel too!

We offer two formulas — one for cats/small dogs under 50 pounds (in our pink box) and one for medium/large dogs over 50 pounds (our blue box).  Each box contains a one-month supply.

Oh, and they make an excellent supplement for raw food diets too! You won’t need to give your cat or dog anything else, because they’re loaded with the nutrients your pet needs.

GPFNB: How long do we need to feed them to our pet?

I would recommend feeding your dog or cat a full serving each day while healing their skin and digestion. You’ll notice positive changes within a week or two. Once the issue is better, you can try decreasing the amount you give them, but remember that Superfood from the Sea is considered a food, so they will need to keep taking them to see the benefit.

GPFNB: Thank you so much for speaking with us Pam, we wish you the best of luck and we are already having some customers telling us they are getting great results. You can find out more about Superfood from the Sea by visiting a Global Pet Foods New Brunswick location, or the Aqua Veggies website.