How feeding raw has changed my dog

The first time Kathy Mercure brought her Standard Poodle Lulu in, I fell in love with her goofy, bounciness, and her grey coat against her purple collar and leash. Kathy’s been a regular customer at our Dieppe store since she moved here in 2009 from the West. She’s now feeding Lulu a mostly raw diet, and here’s what she has to say:

Yzabel, has had to offer me a bit of tough love over the years as Lulu played me to get more and more human food. Now she knows what “No eatie, no treatie” means!
In January I switched Lulu over to eating raw food in the evening, and dry kibble with a freeze-dried raw meat topper in the morning. My husband and I buy frozen chubs and prepare them by using a saw (yes, really, it works great!) to slice them after partially thawing in the sink for about 15 minutes in cold water. I do the bagging and tying; he does the cutting. It’s very quick and easy. I do the same with the frozen chicken backs I give her twice a week. She had absolutely no digestive upset making the change.

kathy-topperLulu LOVES her new diet and is always jonesing for her next meal! She happily eats her dry kibble in the morning because of the freeze dried cube I crumble on top, and her slice of raw meat at night that’s been thawed in the fridge, is gone in under a minute. I also give her a raw recreational bone once a week, and the raw chicken backs instead of meat twice weekly. I still give her too many treats, but she’s trimmer than she was before. In fact, there have been a whole lot of changes:

  • Poodles have wiry and super curly hair that grows constantly, but no undercoat (so there was no shedding), but her hair feels softer to the touch.
  • People think she’s 1 or 2, so she’s great for a 7-year-old!
  • We’re not as active in winter, so I’m hoping to get back to her healthiest weight of about 60 lbs (27 kg) over summer. I can’t wait for biking to see her energy!
  • Her teeth, which were about to need expensive cleaning, are so much whiter. I wish I had a before picture to show, but here’s one after only a few months. The vet is very pleased!
  • She has virtually no tummy upset.
  • Poodles are also prone to ear infections and she hasn’t had any at all.
  • Her poop output has drastically declined, and as promised they are harder, lighter and drier because she’s actually absorbing all the nutrition instead of losing it in soft stools. Summer cleanup will be a breeze.

While she’s always been healthy, my husband and I are so happy with how well she’s doing, we’ve been talking about switching her to a completely raw diet. We joke that if that happens, we’d need to get a freezer just for her food! But you know, it would be worth it… nothing’s too good for our princess!