104 reasons to adopt a pet from the SPCA

Reason 1: Because you’ll help break the cycle of pet overpopulation

In Canada, it is estimated that 1.8 million puppies are born every year — and only 25% of them will find a permanent home. And every year 600,000 cats live in shelters. Cats and dogs from the SPCA are spayed and neutered, so you can help reduce that figure one cat and dog at a time.

Reason 2: Because you can take advantage of adopting an adult animal.

Adult pets are great! Often they are already housetrained and some can even “sit” and “stay.” You won’t have to deal with the youthful energy and behaviours such as biting, chewing, clawing, etc. You will be able to see the personality of the adult animal and won’t have to wait to see what you get.

Reason #3: Because we’ve teamed up with K91.9 The Bend and the SPCA

Here are 100 REASONS: If you adopt a pet from the SPCA, we’ll give you a $100 gift card to spend at Global Pet Foods New Brunswick.

Reason #103: Because we really, really, really want you to adopt from the SPCA

So, we’re also honouring our adopt a rescue discount of 20% off 4 different items for your cat or dog.

Reason #104: Because you’ll change a homeless animal’s whole world

And you’ll get a new best friend in the bargain. Seriously, what could be better than that?