Global Love: Minuit, Lulu, and Kathy Mercure

Guest Post By: Kathy Mercure

I’ve been a regular customer at Global Pet Foods since we moved to New Brunswick in 2009. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, and my dog Lulu has come out of her shell so much. And, because she thinks the Dieppe store is her personal candy store, she’ll charm anyone hoping for treats!

I’ve been writing the Global Pet Foods NB blogs since they first began. I’ve learned so much about pet nutrition over the years, and Lulu has become a much healthier dog as she moves into her senior years.

About a year ago, I started feeling it was time to add a cat to our household. I worked on my husband Cyril, for quite a while, and he finally gave in to my desire in March. I knew I wanted an adult cat, because I didn’t want to go through the krazy kitten stage with my first cat in 30 years. But I also had a very specific wish list that I let the staff at the Dieppe store know about: I wanted an adult, male, short-haired black cat who would be okay with a dog. And believe it or not, I got exactly what I wanted! Plus, Minuit has the most gorgeous green eyes!

At one of my regular visits to pick up Lulu’s raw food, they told me that the Moncton store had a male black cat up for adoption through Haven House. Lulu was with me, so we went right over (taking a walk first so Lulu would be at her calmest).

kathy-minuitHe was beautiful… I’ve always loved black cats because of their sleek, dark, and shiny coats. They have an air of royalty I can’t resist. Coy, as he was called then (who comes up with these names?!) was beautiful and although he was inside a cage, super friendly, and chatty. He even didn’t mind Lulu. But his coat wasn’t very shiny and he had a mean case of dandruff from being abandoned over winter. The worst of it was that he was abandoned with no front claws! I took an application and went home to tell my hubby. The next day we came back and Cyril fell for him too.

Within a few days he was ours. He had already been neutered, but Annie at Haven House had him vet-checked and vaccinated. I highly recommend Haven House Cat Rescue!

I knew there would be a period of adjustment, but after 30 years without a cat in my life, and being a dog person for over 20 of those, I REALLY wasn’t prepared for it.

I have no way other words except the first night was HELL. I mentioned Minuit was chatty, but OMG, that first night he yowled through most of it. He was up and down on the bed so many times, I don’t know that I got more than an hour of sleep. What had I gotten myself into?

Bleary-eyed, I got myself up to feed him the next morning. Because of his dandruff, I had bought the Dr. Maggie Skin and Coat supplement to give him his Omegas when I shopped for his food and accessories. Global gives a the 20 percent discount  to anyone who adopts a new pet (I saved a bundle, as I needed more than 4 items). The staff at the Moncton store had told me how much he loved gravy-based wet food, so I started him out with the wet in the morning and then put the supplement on the dry kibble that Global gave me. The first few days he was out of sorts, so didn’t eat well, but the staff helped me through that too. Now he’s an absolute bear for his food and lets me know in no uncertain terms when it’s time to eat.

I work from home, which was good for his adjustment. As soon as he was fed, he climbed up on the chaise in my office and promptly went to sleep. For the entire day. “I’m so happy one of us gets to sleep,” I may have muttered under my breath. But he looked so sweet curled up on the chair, I had to forgive him.

kathy-minuitluluBoth Minuit and Lulu are about 8 years old, so, fairly set in their ways. Lulu is a pretty timid Standard Poodle and she bows to Minuit’s bossiness. Lulu wanted him to like her so badly, but Minuit is not reciprocal. Occasionally he will forget himself and wrap around Lulu’s legs, but for the most part, I am the territory that they both want to lay claim to. As long as I am with them, they will happily  lie near to me, or on me, inches apart. And I secretly believe that they cuddle when I’m not around… But there are often little spats. At first it really troubled me, but I’ve accepted that Minuit is just a cranky bugger and Lulu has accepted she will never have an in-house playmate. She just rolls with whatever mood he’s in, thankfully.

Now, almost 2 months in, I love the little bugger, and I couldn’t imagine not having Minuit in my life. And, I guess I’ve gotten used to the lack of sleep too (I’m way too much off a softie to lock him out of the bedroom, especially since Lulu sleeps there too). He makes up for all of his minuses with the plus side of his affection. What can I say? I’m a sucker for how gorgeous he is…  And OMG I love that he purrs like a panther!

Next time, I’ll tell you about how I switched Minuit from a kibble-based diet, to a completely raw diet and how much healthier he has become because of it!