Repashy Reptile Nutrition Questions? Ask JP!

Not all Global Pets are furry, but now that we have JP Rioux at our Global Pet Foods New Brunswick’s Moncton store, we also have a reptile enthusiast who knows a lot about reptilian nutrition. We’ve just brought in a new line of reptile foods from Repashy that has got the reptile world’s (hidden) ears abuzz.


Robyn, JP’s Crested Gecko

JP himself has a Crested Gecko, a Leopard Gecko, 8 Ball Pythons (and 5 babies, with a small clutch of eggs incubating at time of writing), and a Corn Snake. Oh, and a cat named Loki who considers his pet companions reptile TV. JP has loved reptiles since he was a boy, and knows a lot about them. He’s also been a dog trainer, and a cat trainer. “Pets and pet nutrition are my passion,” says JP, “so coming here to Global, is like slipping on a comfy shoe.”

Here are the products we now carry at all Global Pet Foods New Brunswick stores:

  • Bug Burger (A gel that you feed to live bugs, which then are fed to some reptiles)
  • Calcium Plus
  • Crested Gecko MRP Classic
  • Crested Gecko MRP Manago Superblend
  • Grubs & Fruit Reptile Diet
  • Grub Pie Reptile (Gel)
  • Savory Stew (Gel)
  • Superveggie
  • Veggie Burger (Gel)

JP’s Corn Snake, Tesla

For those of you who don’t know, not all reptiles are meat eaters, some live mainly on fruits or greens . Some Geckos, like JPs Crested gecko, are fruitivores, which means they mainly eat fruit, but need some bugs for protein. The Crested Gecko MRP (meal replacement) classic is a powder that when you add water to it, turns into a paste that is a complete meal. And geckos LOVE the stuff! (Actually reptiles thrive on Repashy.)

If you have reptiles, you’ll love the convenience and superior quality of the Repashy line of foods. And if you have any questions about your reptiles, write them in the comments (English or en Français)  and we’ll get JP to answer them for you, or simply drop by any of the New Brunswick Global Pet Foods stores and we’ll get the answers for you.