Can I give supplements to my puppy?

If you’re bringing home a new puppy, you naturally want to give it the best start in life and as pet health specialists, Global Pet Foods New Brunswick wants to help your puppy grow into a healthy, strong, specimen of a dog.

It’s all about what we feed our puppies

We believe the most important thing you can do for your puppy’s health, is to ensure he/she is fed a high quality food.

  1. Our number one recommendation is to start your puppy on a raw food diet. We have covered raw food feeding extensively in the past, but what could be better than an early start?
  2. A complete diet, non-carbohydrate canned food is second. Remember, feeding your puppy as close to his wild ancestors included very limited carbohydrates.
  3. And in third place, high quality kibble (adding some total nutrition canned food, for a health boost is even better).

Now that you’ve got the basic nutrition settled, there are definitely some good supplements to help your baby grow big and strong. Essentially, all of these products are either homeopathic, or superfoods — and therefore very safe for dogs at all life stages.

catsupplements-primalOur #1 recommendation: Primal Raw Goat Milk

Considering that puppies are so new — often just weaned — goat milk is probably the closest to the goodness of mother’s milk. This “universal milk” is completely safe for growing puppies — it’s so great we wrote an entire blog singing Goat Milk’s praises! This product is fantastic for supplying the extra nutrition your puppy needs, and helps with digestive issues too.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega-3 and omega-6, are found in a number of supplements. Studies show that they promote heart health. They’re also known to be good for encouraging healthy skin and fur.

Our products that offer EFAs:

  • Dr. Maggie Skin and Coat
  • Hokamix
  • Primal Raw Goat Milk
  • Adored Beast Hemp Oil

Probiotics, prebiotics & digestive enzymes

Both probiotics and digestive enzymes promote healthy gut flora and good digestion in general. You don’t have to give them every day — once a week or month will give a boost to the good bacteria in your pup’s digestive system. But, if your puppy has a sensitive stomach or suffers from frequent digestive troubles, such as diarrhea, then feeding these kinds of supplements on a more regular basis may be beneficial.

Our products that provide puppy probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes:

  • Raw Goat Milk (Primal)
  • Aqua Veggies
  • Love Bugs (Adored Beast)
  • Mega 8 Probiotic Flora Plus Digestive Enzymes (Daisy’s)
  • Our canned pumpkin is also wonderful for tummy upsets

naughtynice-aquaveggiesGreens from the sea

We have several products that act as an all-around health booster that come from the sea. These super foods do everything from improving skin and coat to helping with urinary health.

  • Aqua Veggies (Atlantic Canadian)
  • Pet Kelp
  • Phyto Synergy (Adored Beast is from Atlantic Canada) These are the same super greens as the wildly popular Karen’s Marine Phytoplankton for humans.

Vaccination and spay/neuter supplements

We’ve recently brought in a line of homeopathic remedies from Adored Beast and written an entire blog about it. Vaccinosis will help remove side effects WITHOUT REMOVING ANY of the vaccine benefits.

And when your puppy is ready to be spayed or neutered, you can help address the side-effects created by removing the important hormones the sex organs create. Spay/Neuter tricks the body in to acting as though your puppy was still sexually intact. There are individual formulations for female and male puppy.

Flea and tick prevention

Not exactly supplements, but worth mentioning as we are in the season for biting insects. We wrote a blog about flea, tick, and mosquito prevention last season. Both of these homeopathic remedies are safe to give puppies and these may well be all you need to prevent bites for life without using harmful chemicals.

  • T.I.X. MIX (works by using the scent of plant oils, which is a natural repellent to biting insects. Apply at the base of the neck, middle of spine, and base of tail. Safe for humans and they work great!)
  • FleeZeez (a liquid you add to your puppy’s water, rids your dog (or cat) of fleas by shielding the protein female fleas need to lay eggs.

What supplements should you AVOID giving your puppy?

Don’t give your puppy extra calcium, as excess amounts can lead to skeletal problems, particularly if your pup is going to grow into a large dog. Avoid feeding multivitamin supplements to puppies, as the calcium they typically contain may give your dog too much vitamin A or D, both of which can also cause problems in large doses.

And finally, because a young dog is still growing, avoid glucosamine, as it is unnecessary before the age of two, and then only if your grown dog has hip and joint issues.