Meet Kieran Kelly, Fredericton Area Manager

When Kieran Kelly graduated with a Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology from St. FX University, he took a little time off to travel before diving into the plans for opening Global Pet Foods New Brunswick’s first completely new store since the Kelly family took over the franchise in 2011: Fredericton North.

Although Kieran wasn’t sure at first that he wanted to be helping to run the business during his school years, he was always involved. Gradually, while spending time in the stores and learning the ropes, his love of animals, and the amazing level of knowledge and passion for healthy and happy pets, drew him in and he could see the possibilities for making Global Pet Foods a household name in New Brunswick. “In the last couple of years of school, I began to get really excited about working in the business,” he says.

So, in November, Kieran hit the ground running and discovered the depth and breadth of what it means to be the best pet nutrition store in the province. When the day came for the grand opening of the first store, the excitement was palpable. “As we got closer and were in set-up mode, it was exciting, but on opening day when the first customer walked through that door… it’s a feeling I won’t ever forget.”

“It’s been really rewarding so far, as we began to see old customers who live in the north end of Fredericton come to the store closer to them, then new customers. And now, a few months later, those new customers are regular customers, as they realize how much we truly care about the health and happiness of their furry friends. I love building and growing relationships. I have some amazing conversations!”

One of Kieran’s favourite in-store events is the weekend PetPros series. “It’s a neat opportunity to show new products to the customers, but also for the staff to see how customers react to them. The interactions are great. The pet parents love that their pets can try them in-store, and then to have a deal on top of that… well it just makes everyone happy!”