Using energy to heal your cat emotionally and physically

There are many stories of cats as healers. Research shows that simply petting a cat can lower your blood pressure. Research has even shown that the frequency of a cat’s purr can aid with healing of bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles as well as provide pain relief. Many reiki (healing through energy) practitioners report their cats are often in the room and assist in healing with their energy.

But what if it’s your cat who needs the healing? In a recent post we wrote about cats who are grieving or have experienced trauma. Assuming it’s not a medical problem a veterinarian has identified, consider giving your cat back some positive energy.

Meet Steve Clayton of Clayhut Healing

Steve Clayton has been a practicing energy healer since 2008 and in his practice he helps both humans and animals. He works mainly in the Riverview (where he lives), Moncton, and Dieppe areas, but will travel if necessary. “Cats are sponges for the energies they feel around them. They seem to have an innate ability to heal and not be affected. But, if they live in a stressful home, or are suffering grief or trauma, they are often affected by the energies and cannot let them go,” he says.

Cats have chakras too

Essentially, the treatment Steve performs on a human is the same as he would perform on a cat. “Cats have the same chakras, with a few extras, they’re just not all aligned with with the spine. For instance, cats, also have minor chakras in their foot pads. They can sense small energies through them.”

Chakra System of Cats

Download a free copy of the Chakra System of Cats Poster

Chakras are the collector pools for the energies that flow throughout our bodies and each has a specific significance.

When the chakras are blocked through emotional trauma, they build up in the cat’s body, sometimes causing physical pain, but more often behavioural issues. “If a client calls me because their cat is suddenly aggressive, there is usually an energy block in the sacral chakra [Editor’s Note: the chakra responsible for sexuality and the emotions]. Loneliness affects cats the same way as it does humans. A cat I worked on was grieving the loss of the other cat in the house and was howling. I got a call and by working with the cat’s heart and sacral chakras, she was able to let go of the trapped energy.”

The healing treatment process

To make the animal most comfortable, Steve comes to your home. The process begins even before Steve arrives. “Before arriving, I create an intention of creating love and healing for the animal, and I ground myself to Mother Earth.” Often cats who may hide when strangers come, don’t even respond when he rings the doorbell.

The visit begins with a talk with the person who called for the treatment. Steve can sense the energies of the home and his calming presence usually brings animals to him. “In some cases, the cat may be aggressive, but I will get down on the floor and sit, allowing the cat to sense and smell me. Within a few minutes the cat will allow me to pick him up or perhaps lie beside him. Whatever he needs, I will do it as best I can.”

The hands-on work that Steve does, follows where he is directed, but through the treatment he visits each chakra. “When cats release trapped energy it’s very noticeable to me because they are usually sitting in my lap. Because cats are so sensitive to energies, they want treatment on their terms, and that could mean the cat will tolerate only 10 minutes per session, perhaps 3 times in the hour-long session, but because they’re so responsive, that’s usually more than enough to clear them.”

Sometimes when he sits with a cat, Steve says he will tear up because animals give back energy, and send pure love. “It’s the most amazing gift to experience,” he says. He also may receive direct messages, see pictures, or sometimes experience an intense feeling.

About 90 percent of the time, one treatment is enough. “Cats don’t hold onto energies that don’t serve them in general, and they don’t build walls around them like humans do, so they heal very quickly. They live in the moment, so once a block is released, it’s gone.” Often illnesses like arthritis or digestive issues will also see significant improvement as the trapped energy is cleared.

If your cat needs help with an emotional or physical difficulty, you can reach Steve Clayton through his Clayhut Healing website.


Want to do an energy exchange with your cat? Try this:

  1. Put 2 of your cat’s pads in your hand. He can either be standing or lying down. Place the other hand on your cat’s heart.
  2. Send all the love in your heart through to your heart and into the cats pads.
  3. After a few moments of sending love and clearing light, you may feel a tingling in your palms, or a similar feeling of pure love that Steve feels. Steve says we are exchanging energies with our pets all the time, we just need to focus and notice it.