Beds for the Moncton SPCA

There are on average 1 hour of video uploaded to Youtube every second. But it just takes one video to spark a movement. The following video is having quite the impact on the Greater Moncton SPCA after one Monctonian decided to pass it on to a few of her friends.


This is Johnny and Aylah, a brother and sister who are both 11 years old. Aylah was recently adopted but her brother is still looking for a home.

Heather Drummond was so inspired after watching that video that she decided to do something. She thought of the Greater Moncton SPCA and how she knew some dog lovers who might be willing to buy a bed for a shelter dog. Seeing as November is National Adopt-a-shelter dog month I thought I would share the story with you.

The Moncton SPCA is the largest shelter east of Montreal and takes in over 7,000 animals each year. With 33 kennels for adoptable dogs, that would be too many beds for one person to buy, so she reached out to her dog loving friends via Facebook.

The response to her simple question- Do you want to buy a bed for the SPCA?- was overwhelming. Heather was always clear about how this was just meant to be a project, not a non-profit, no tax receipts, just people collectively making some shelter dogs more comfortable. People from across the country answered her call, people she didn’t even know were happy to donate and buy a bed. Before she knew it she had raised over $1000 for the Greater Moncton SPCA.

However the project was only just getting started, originally the plan was to buy enough beds to fill the kennels at $25-30 each and work on the SPCA’s wishlist if they had any money left over. After reaching out to a few local businesses the $1000 was able to stretch much farther than was ever expected.


Heather and Tina came to pick up the beds from our Moncton store and deliver them to the SPCA. They wrote out a list of all the people who donated to contribute to buying the beds.

After a chance meeting between Kieran, Regional Manager of our Moncton store, and Heather, Global Pet Foods New Brunswick agreed to do something to help. At first they looked at thick fluffy beds but after speaking with the SPCA they got to know staff and what actually would work and what wouldn’t work. “Seeing how they had to wash down the kennels everyday and just logistically it didn’t make sense for every dog to have a squishy bed. Because A: where would they store them b: what about the soil issue…So when Kieran came in with the crate liner and the cleanability of it, reusability of it, and the comfort level of it, it was like- Fabulous, that’s cool!” Heather explains.

We were able to sell 26 anti-microbial Silver Paw Beds for $150 total to the cause (which would’ve been the tax alone if bought at full price). I was able to accompany Heather on the bed delivery and saw first hand how much these dogs loved these beds. Right away they curled up. Between the blankets that staff used to cover the beds to make them last longer and the insulation of the Silver Paw beds, the dogs looked pretty comfy. It still struck me that there were so many well behaved senior dogs who could do with a nice fluffy bed to get their aging joints off the floor.

Two dogs that stole my heart were Johnny and Aylah, a brother and sister who are 11 years old. Thanks to Tina,  Aylah was able to get a big fluffy bed and I knew that Johnny needed one too. The day after the bed delivery Global Pet Foods was able to donate another bed just for Johnny!


Mia and her bed


Rocky on his bed donated by a friend of Heather’s who’s dog had just passed away


Aylah on her new bed.


Johnny on his bed with his teddy.

Those beds in addition to some kuranda beds purchased for more senior dogs who needed to be up off the floor, all the adoptable dogs had beds and there was still more than half the money left over!

Then the group approached the employees of the SPCA and asked “what do you need, what would make your jobs better and what would make the dogs lives better?” staff came forward with great ideas. Pails for example weren’t even on the radar of the group as being a potential need. Heather approached Princess Auto in Moncton to see if they had enough in stock and it was incredible how as soon as they heard what the pails were being used for they sold them at a huge discount.

One SPCA staff member who used to work as a Animal control officer recommended buying a diffuser to use in the kennel to calm anxious dogs. It was something she had seen work wonders first hand and something that the SPCA never would’ve spent the money on. After speaking to the Corn Crib in town they were more than happy to donate a diffuser and some essential oils to try out. Heather is happy to report that she has heard that anxious dogs are coming in are calm in 20 – 40 minutes. It has been awesome!


Grant from Princess Auto and the pails.


Diffuser that was donated by the Corn Crib.

The project is still ongoing. They are now looking at getting some diffusers for the cat rooms and front entrance way. There is never a shortage of wishlist items and with all the generosity of Monctonians and people from across the country they have yet to spend the all the money originally raised!

All it took was a few people to watch a video and decide to take action and it snowballed from there. It is outstanding to see what can be done when you break it down. Instead of looking at how many total beds and supplies were needed they just broke it down to a bed a person and through social media and internet banking it took off.

Here is a list of all the people who participated and answered Heather’s post about donating money to buy a bed for the SPCA:

  • Pam Vardy
  • Jocelyn Maillet
  • Heather Gunn
  • Kathy Mercure
  • Tina Gautreau
  • Sylvie Boudreau
  • Janice Gautreau
  • Phil Culbert
  • Jen Rocca
  • Debbie Maillet
  • Michelle Poirier
  • Debbie Harris
  • Shelley Arsenault
  • Janice Somers
  • Ray Arsenault
  • Cindy Comeau
  • Roula Loukas
  • Francine Breau
  • Gilles Boudreau
  • Susanne Dittmer
  • Ann Fall
  • Karen Ulrich Wood
  • Dianne Leger
  • April Saulnier
  • Carolle Savoie
  • Jacky Guy Boudreau
  • Kelley LeBlanc
  • Malcolm Gunn
  • Sylvette Cormier
  • Pamela Cormier


Heather challenges everyone to reach out to their fellow animal loving friends and see what they can do for their local SPCA.

And why not consider adopting a pet from your local shelter and rescue!