New to Global Pet Foods NB- RAWZ Natural Pet Food

We have done a few blogs in the past about why feeding raw is such an excellent choice for pet owners. But understandably this option is not for everyone. Raw might not be the best option if you’re traveling, short on time, or if your budget doesn’t allow. It is in these cases that a shelf stable kibble or canned food might be for you.

Last year we started carrying the brand RAWZ, a natural pet food that is the first of its kind. RAWZ Natural Pet Food is a great option if feeding your pet a raw food diet isn’t possible. Perhaps you aspire to feed raw but are unable to or you’re looking for a dry food to mix with raw or a homemade pet’s diet. RAWZ combines the convenience of a dry or canned pet food with many of the nutritional benefits to feeding raw.

This is Katie. She is one of our in-store RAWZ Brand Ambassadors. She set up this display to talk to customers and get their feedback on the brand over the course of four Saturdays in November.

In November, we held in store demos over the course of four Saturdays where our in-house RAWZ Brand Ambassadors spoke to customers about the benefits of RAWZ and handed out samples. Don’t worry if you missed out on these demonstrations, we’ve covered the main points in this blog.

A look at RAWZ, for when feeding your pet a raw food diet isn’t possible

The pledge the Scott family gives to its customers is “We will provide your pet with a variety of quality nutritional options without the use of rendered meals, rendered fats or commercial gums. RAWZ will donate 100% of our profits (after taxes and reserves) to three main causes: providing service dogs, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury. We care about all pets and the meaningful impact they have on our lives.”

RAWZ contains dehydrated chicken instead of chicken meal which makes it a great source of protein and amino acids.  It is grain free and potato free which eliminates some common allergens as well as lowers the amount of carbohydrates. It is a great option to mix with raw as it is never rendered, is minimally processed, and cooked at lower temperatures, preserving nutrients.

All of our Global Pet Foods locations in New Brunswick carry RAWZ Meal Free Dry Dog food in both Salmon and Chicken flavours as well as four flavours of their RAWZ steam cooked canned dog food. For the felines we also carry RAWZ Dehydrated Chicken flavoured dry cat food and a three flavours of RAWZ canned cat food.

The story behind the brand

Something that we love about RAWZ is the story behind the brand. RAWZ Natural Pet Food is owned by the Scott family and was founded as a way for them to give back. The Scott family previously owned Old Mother Hubbard and Wellness Pet Food before selling the brands in 2009.

The Scott family was affected dramatically when both of their sons, Andy and Jimmy suffered life-altering injuries. They found that is was a deep and spiritual connection with their yellow lab Boomer that was pivotal to their sons’ recovery. As they describe on their website “We were able to witness firsthand this profound connection between humans and animals- this is the inspiration behind the RAWZ fund.” They believe in supporting organizations that are dedicated to improving the lives of those living with a disability.  100% of the profits (after taxes and reserves) are donated to providing service dogs, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury.


For more information

If anyone would like more information about this brand feel free to visit the RAWZ website: . Also, we always recommend visiting us at any of our New Brunswick locations for tailored advice on what products and food will better the health and happiness of your pets. 

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