Global Pet Foods is a Canada’s largest Canadian-owned pet specialty retailer. Global has been in New Brunswick for many years, operating as individual franchise stores. In  2011, the stores were brought under the umbrella of Global Pet Food New Brunswick and now are owned by Alison, Jeff & Kieren Kelly to offer the same level of nutritional excellence, pet care knowledge, and products across the province.

Our Values and Beliefs

Each Global Pet Foods New Brunswick store is a holistic pet health centre — we educate our staff about all aspects of pet health — Body / Mind / Spirit.

We are Holistic Health Specialists

Whether your pet has allergies, dental issues, joint stiffness, or any number of other health problems, we understand that you just want to help them be better. Every Global Pet Food New Brunswick staff member is a constant learner who is passionate about what they do. We use our knowledge and expertise to work with you to give you the healthiest, happiest, and best pet ever!

Nutritional Health

We are Pet Nutrition Specialists first because we understand that, just like humans,  what our pets eat has a strong correlation to their health. We specialize in natural and holistic pet food, pet treats, and supplements to keep the nutritional aspect of pet health in check. We also carry a wide selection of healthcare supplies like shampoos, grooming tools, and dental products to keep your pet looking his or her best.

Our 100% Pet Satisfaction Policy

We believe so strongly in the products we sell, if your pet doesn’t like a new food or treat, or has a reaction — bring it back and we’ll give you another kind to try. We work with you to help your pet reach optimal health!

Body and Mind Health

It has been said that a happy pet, is a tired pet. We encourage our clients to give their pets regular activity that exercises not only the body, but also the mind. Global Pet Foods NB carries a wide variety of leads, collars, training tools, exercisers, puzzles, and toys for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals like ferrets and hamsters. We can offer suggestions to help you determine what activities work best to keep your pet in great physical shape, engaged, and happy.

Healthy Spirit

For most Global customers, loving our pets and keeping them emotionally healthy is the most natural part of the holistic health triangle. We love our pets unconditionally — but you may sometimes seek advice on behavioural problems, finicky eating, or just need to know that your pet is not the only one that does that — we are happy to share everything we know about animal behaviour with you. Some of our staff are even trainers!

We are Community-Minded

We believe that all animals deserve the best lives possible. Global Pet Foods New Brunswick is active in the community and our stores are actively involved in partnering with local animal rescues and adoption centres; and in fundraising for animal shelters.

We work with animal rescues and shelters to host adoption and fundraiser special events at most of our stores. AND, we donate any usable returned items to local animal rescues and shelters.

Show Us Your Heart

Global Pet Foods annual Show Us Your Heart campaign, which runs during the first two weeks of February each year, has raised over $800,000 to date. These funds are directed to over 120 pet rescues and animal shelters across Canada.

In 2017, our New Brunswick stores raised over $16,500. When combined with Global Pet Food’s Corporate contributions, over $29,000 was given to New Brunswick Pet organizations! 

Here are some of the organizations that benefit from your donations: