pets reduce stress

Pets Help Reduce Stress

Did you know that spending time with your pets helps reduce stress? It can be tough to relax when the world around us seems so unfamiliar. If you are feeling anxious, scared or lonely, look no further than your furry four-legged friends. Have you ever noticed that interacting with a dog or cat makes you …

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Cat with hairball

Hairballs in Cats: What causes them and how to prevent them.

Although troublesome, hairballs are quite common. They will affect most cats at some point in their lives. Long-haired cats, understandably, are likely to experience hairballs more frequently than short-haired ones. Oddly enough, the problem often gets worse as cats get older because they tend to do a better job of grooming themselves. We asked one …

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Covid-19 safety update

Dear Customers and Community Members, As we all continue to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation very closely we wanted to inform you of the actions we are taking to keep our stores safe for our employees, for our customers and for our communities. We are currently still open and navigating through the challenges like all …

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