interactive pet toy

Interactive Toys for Pets

Mental stimulation is very important for our pets’ well being It aids in reducing stress and promoting calm, relaxed behavior.

To keep things interesting, try changing up your routine and introducing new things to stimulate your pet’s brain!

Raw Food Diets for Pets

Many pet parents are discovering that raw food diets are a healthy and natural option for their pets. Have you tried raw with your pet yet? In this post, we’ll address (and debunk) some of the common hesitations around feeding pets a raw diet.

pet dental month

February is Pet Dental Month

What do you do to maintain your pet’s oral health? Maybe you haven’t thought about this until now. So why is it important? And what can you do? Try these suggestions & tips to help your pet maintain a healthy mouth.

moisture in cat's diet

Why Cats Need Moisture In Their Diet

Many pet cats primarily eat dry kibble, which means they are likely not getting much moisture in their diets at all. Cats need moisture in their diets to help prevent bladder stones and crystals, and to dilute their urine. Adequate moisture consumption also improves their overall health.

Borderland Bone Broth

Borderland Natural Bone Broth for Pets

Bone broth is full of amino acids, collagen, gelatin, glucosamine, electrolytes, calcium and other minerals and nutrients. It has been noted to have incredible benefits, primarily for the gut. Bone broth can help strengthen the lining of the entire digestive system, fight food sensitivities, promote probiotics in the gut, and control inflammation.