K9 Coach – Indoor Fun

GILLIAN RIDGEWAY Have you noticed that your dog seems to be more unruly than ever?  It is common to see him pacing the hallway, counter surfing and dropping toys at your feet?  This is a common time of year that has people picking up the phone to make that inevitable call to their trainer.  It …

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K9 Coach – Downward Dog

GILLIAN RIDGEWAY Our dogs are geniuses.  The simple fact that they can read our minds is a gift in itself.  In fact, how many of us could hear the same word over and over again and decipher that it means all different actions.  Yes…we are talking about the word “down”. How often do you hear …

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K9 Coach – Home Alone

GILLIAN RIDGEWAY It’s fall once again, and the end to another great summer, spent at the cottage or time off at home. While this can be an exciting time for the kids with all the back to school events, it can be a stressful time for the four legged members of the family. Seeing it …

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