moisture in cat's diet

Why Cats Need Moisture In Their Diet

Many pet cats primarily eat dry kibble, which means they are likely not getting much moisture in their diets at all. Cats need moisture in their diets to help prevent bladder stones and crystals, and to dilute their urine. Adequate moisture consumption also improves their overall health.

Raw Pet Food Q & A

In a recent poll on Instagram, we asked for your questions about feeding a raw diet. Ashley, one of our Pet Nutrition Specialists, put her decade of experience to work, to give you the information you were looking for: Q: Is feeding raw hard work? Does it need to be 100% raw fed or can …

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pets reduce stress

Pets Help Reduce Stress

Did you know that spending time with your pets helps reduce stress? It can be tough to relax when the world around us seems so unfamiliar. If you are feeling anxious, scared or lonely, look no further than your furry four-legged friends. Have you ever noticed that interacting with a dog or cat makes you …

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