Hiking With Your Dog

Hiking with your dog is a favourite activity for many pet parents. We are lucky to have lots of beautiful parks and trails throughout New Brunswick. Plan ahead for your next adventure with these tips from Amy, the Assistant Manager at our Moncton store and her hiking buddy, Logan:

Stay hydrated.
Doggie water bottles and collapsible bowls are a convenient way to keep your dog hydrated on the go! They are lightweight and can be clipped to a belt or backpack for hands-free carrying. 

Prevent Pests.
Insects are a nuisance to humans and pets alike, and will make your time in nature less enjoyable. Natural outdoor sprays, such as “Coat Fresh” or “Atlantick”, are free of chemicals and can be applied to your pet (and you, too) when needed. Tick twisters or keys are also good tools to have on hand for quick and easy tick removal. 

Have First Aid.
Accidents happen! Abrasions on paw pads or lower legs can be caused by sharp rocks or sticks on ungroomed trails. It’s always a good idea to be prepared for injuries. Pet first aid kits are available pre-made, or you can build your own! I recommend including structured silver. It is an amazing product that kills bacteria and speeds up healing, providing fast relief. This product is available in liquid or gel form.

Sun Protection.
Dogs with shorter, lighter-colored coats are more susceptible to sunburn. Even heavier- coated dogs will often burn on their nose and/or lip area. You can protect your dog from harmful UV rays using specially formulated sunscreen for dogs (never use human sunscreen). These are available in a cream (for the nose) or a spray (for the body).

Poop Bags.
It’s important to pick up after our pets so that others can enjoy the trail, too! Attaching a poop bag dispenser to your leash handle will ensure you bring some along. It also holds an entire roll, so you can be confident you won’t run out of bags!

Have you considered a backpack for your dog? Dog backpacks double as a harness for walking your dog, and help to transport your necessities! You may have heard before: “That will help give your dog a purpose”. This is because dogs love to help us humans and enjoy having a job to do. Backpacks can also help your dog to build muscle, which will help keep them healthy and in shape! If your dog is new to backpacks it’s important to pack lightly and increase weight gradually.

All of these products are available at your local Global Pet Foods NB store!

Happy trails & wagging tails!