interactive pet toy

Interactive Toys for Pets

When we think about exercising our pets, heading out for a nice walk or run is likely what comes to mind. These options provide them with great physical exercise, and even some mental exercise! It's even better if new sights, sounds, and smells are introduced along the way. Mental stimulation is very important for our pets' well being It aids in reducing stress and promoting calm, relaxed behavior.
To keep things interesting, try changing up your routine and introducing new things to stimulate your pet's brain! Here are some ideas to experiment with. Bonus: They don't require a lot of work for you!


Puzzle toys are a great way to curb boredom and are available in different formats and difficulty levels, making them suitable for all kinds of pets! Simply load up your pet's favorite treats in the compartments of the puzzle. Watch your pet as they work away at the puzzle, then feel like a proud pet parent when they solve it!
We recommend buying several puzzles to rotate between, to keep things exciting! Check out our selection of puzzles in store, made by Outward Hound and My Intelligent Pets.

Slow Feed Products

Outward Hound Fun FeederOmega Tricky Treat Ball and West Paw Toppl are some of the top slow feed products.  They provide mental stimulation for food-motivated pets. Aside from keeping your pet occupied, they also prevent your pet from eating too quickly, helping with digestion!
Lickimat - As it sounds, this is a mat designed for smearing food on, for your pet to lick off. Did you know licking is a soothing action for your dog or cat? It's a great way to promote calm, relaxed behavior, and makes for a good distraction during stressful moments, like grooming time.
Tip: Put fillable feeding toys in the freezer to keep your pet occupied for even longer!

Automatic Toys

Wicked Ball - Have a busy schedule? This automatic toy will keep your pet entertained all day! It is rechargeable and a smart chip prevents the toy from getting stuck, avoiding obstacles along the way. You can switch the toy between three different settings: from gentle to crazy! It detects when your pet is actively playing and will take intervals of rest when not in use to conserve power. Your dog or cat is sure to have a ball with this cool toy!

Interactive toys can be a simple solution to your pet's stress, anxiety or boredom. Entertaining pets has never been easier!