Raw Food Diets for Pets

Many pet parents are discovering that raw food diets are a healthy and natural option for their pets. Have you tried raw with your pet yet? In this post, we'll address (and debunk) some of the common hesitations around feeding pets a raw diet.

Bacteria in Raw Food

A frequent concern is the passing of bacteria from raw meat to humans. If the same care is taken when preparing our own raw meats, this shouldn't be an issue. Wipe down and disinfect any surfaces and utensils used and clean pet food bowls regularly. 

Unlike the meats we buy for ourselves at the grocery store, meats prepared for our pets are very quickly frozen (freezing stops bacteria from multiplying) and remain frozen until the consumer is ready to thaw and serve. Dogs and cats are created to eat fresh, uncooked foods. Their saliva neutralizes bacteria in seconds! Amazing! Keep those kisses coming!

*Did you know? There have been many recalls on kibble contaminated with salmonella! Yes, this bacteria is not unique to raw foods. It can contaminate dry, cooked foods, too.

Feeding a Balanced Diet 

There should be no concern when it comes to balance, if you are purchasing a frozen prepared raw pet food diet. These diets were created by professionals with a knowledge of pet nutrition. Just remember to rotate between several proteins, unless you purchase variety boxes or blends.

Balance can become a problem when pet parents prepare the meals themselves. Some make the mistake of feeding only muscle meats (a percentage of organs and bones must be included). Note that cooking the meats will destroy the nutrients your pet needs. 

Now that you feel more comfortable about raw, let's go over some of the incredible benefits!

Benefits of Feeding Raw

  • Softer, shinier coat & less shedding.  More nutrients are absorbed from a raw diet.
  • Healthy weight. No starches (sugars) needed in a raw diet, promoting a leaner frame.
  • Cleaner teeth & fresher breath. Raw food contains enzymes that help clean teeth.
  • Less poop, less smell. More digestible = less waste.
  • Higher levels of energy. Just like us humans, eating healthy feels good!
  • Healthy urinary tract. Raw has high moisture and contains vitamins & minerals in their natural source.
  • Lastly, your pet's favorite benefit: the TASTE! Raw food is a top option for finicky eaters. Your pet will thank you for it!

The raw pet food industry continues to grow and have a positive impact on pets and their parents! If you'd like to learn more or try this diet with your pet, please stop by any Global Pet Foods NB location for a free consultation!