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How to Trim your Dog’s Nails at Home

When you can’t get to a groomer, it is good to know how to trim your dog’s nails yourself, without causing any pain or harm to your furry friend. If you have an anxious dog, or expect they may not sit still for the procedure, try one of these tricks from Rebecca, one of our Pet Specialists first:

  • Play a game of fetch, or other form of exercise – burning off excess energy should make it easier for your dog to stay calm.
  • Walk your dog on pavement- this wears down the nails naturally (you may not even need to trim them).
  • Offer a treat he/she doesn’t receive regularly, like canned food or peanut butter smeared on a plate- this creates an excellent distraction.

Rebecca’s tips for choosing clippers:

  • Choose clippers with a safety guard on them if you don’t feel confident in how much to remove from the nail.
  • Nail dremels are another popular choice, but may take some time for your pet to get used to (because of the sound and vibration).
  • Regardless of which type of clippers you use, it is a good idea to touch your pet’s paws regularly so they get used to the sensation of having their nails done.

dog nail clippers

It is important not to trim your dog’s nails too short. If you nick the quick, they will feel pain and bleed. Check the underside of the nails first, to see where the fleshy part of the nail begins. You do not want to cut beyond this point. The structure of the nail also changes at this point, making it a bit easier to find.

When Hailey, another GPF Pet Specialist, trims her dog’s nails (pictured above), she always files the edges for a nice, smooth finish.

We hope these tips & tricks will help you have a successful nail-trimming experience with your furry friend!