Raw Pet Food Q & A

In a recent poll on Instagram, we asked for your questions about feeding a raw diet. Ashley, one of our Pet Nutrition Specialists, put her decade of experience to work, to give you the information you were looking for:

Q: Is feeding raw hard work? Does it need to be 100% raw fed or can you substitute with kibble?

A: We have many different commercial raw food options, which makes feeding raw a breeze! You simply take out the appropriate portions for your pet’s weight and place in the fridge to thaw. Once thawed, you can plop into your pet’s food dish and serve.

We have many customers who feed both raw and kibble to their pets. It is ideal, if feeding both kinds of food, to feed them at separate meal times- but not necessary. Any amount of raw, even a small portion, added to your pet’s diet will be beneficial.

Q: What are the benefits of feeding raw?

A:  There are endless benefits of feeding raw food over commercial kibble diets. Because raw diets are not cooked, they retain all of their nutrients, are filled with enzymes and have no fillers. Some of the many benefits you will notice are:

– Increased energy (your pet no longer feels sluggish from using so much energy digesting a processed diet)

– Improved skin and coat, with way less shedding!

– Reduced allergies

– Small stools (Half the size of kibble fed pets and no more odor!)

– Highly palatable

– Less trips to the vet due to improved health

– Clean teeth (No more carbs in the diet, creating plaque and tartar)

– Weight maintenance