moisture in cat's diet

Why Cats Need Moisture In Their Diet

Feline Ancestry & Diet

Domestic cats evolved from wild felines who lived in the desert. Desert cats don't drink much water because they get the moisture they need in their diet. Since fresh prey has an adequate moisture content, they just don’t often need to lap up water from a stream.

Since household cats share this ancestry, they usually don't have an innate desire to drink water. Many pet cats primarily eat dry kibble, which means they are likely not getting much moisture in their diets at all.

Our cats need moisture in their diets to help prevent bladder stones and crystals, and to dilute their urine. Adequate moisture consumption also improves their overall health.

How to Add Moisture to Your Cat's Diet

There are lots of creative ways to add moisture to your cat's diet. If he/she doesn't drink much water from a bowl, try one of these tips:

  • Feed a can of wet food once a day. Make sure you feed less kibble if you do this, so your cat doesn’t pack on the pounds. Keep in mind that most cats are picky to textures. You may need to try a few different types of wet food before you find one your cat likes - think pate, stew, mousse, etc.
  • Top your cat's meal with bone broth or goat's milk. Nutrient-rich bone broth makes a great addition to your cat’s diet. Simply pour some on top of dry or wet food to increase the moisture content. Check the freezer section at your local Global Pet Foods NB store for our selection of bone broths and goat's milk.
  • Add some raw. Raw food is the option most like the diet of your cat's ancestors. You can find a large selection of raw food options in our freezer section. To feed raw, you simply take some out to thaw in your fridge the night before you plan to serve it (it is often portion-packaged). Raw food can be fed as a whole meal, or as a topper for added nutrition and moisture intake. Keep in mind that adding raw can be a challenge with cats (texture). It may take some time for your cat to come around to it, but it has been done! You can start by adding a really small amount to your cat’s meal each day, or giving a bit as a treat. As with any of our products, if your cat won’t eat it, you can bring it back for a full refund and try something else.
  • Try a water fountain. Cats are often more attracted to running water (that's why they'll sometimes try to drink from your tap). Fountains are great because the water is running all the time. Just remember to clean it often and change the filters. Next time you visit one of our stores, check out our selection of cat fountains!

Interested in trying wet food for your cat? Browse our selection of brands & recipes online!